Laser therapy (also known as cold laser, or LLT) is a safe, fast, non-invasive option for relieving pain and accelerating healing in animals. Laser therapy delivers light energy (photons) to tissues, which reduces pain and increases circulation.

Integrative Veterinary Care offers laser therapy for all animals using super pulsed laser technology, which delivers light photons deep into tissue. The pulse duration are only nanoseconds long, so there is no heat sensation.

A typical laser treatment takes 5-20 minutes (depending on the size of the treatment area and severity of condition). Acute conditions may need daily treatment (especially if there is significant pain), whereas chronic conditions respond well to 2-3 treatments per week for a few weeks. For long-term treatment needs, we also offer rental/sales of My Pet Laser units - the only FDA cleared laser for home veterinary use.

Laser therapy has been used in human healthcare for over two decades. When used properly, laser therapy provides a safe, fast treatment option for numerous veterinary conditions. In addition, we are very excited to offer Laser Acupuncture - a non-invasive, needle-free acupuncture alternative.