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Veterinary Medical Manipulation or Spinal Manipulation (synonymous with human Chiropractic) is a key component of sports performance, pain management and overall well being.

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Veterinary Medical Manipulation (Chiropractic) therapy is based on the alignment of the spinal column and other significant joints. Often, there are abnormal positioning of bones within a joint, which can cause swelling and inflammation of the tissues surrounding the joint space. In turn, this can limit an animal's range of motion, decrease mobility, affect performance, and cause pain.

Misalignment (also referred to as restrictions) may present as limping, behavior changes, reduced performance, and/or pain. Chiropractic care can be helpful for the treatment of:

  •  Stiffness due to arthritis

  •  Disc problems

  •  Hip dysplasia

  •  Joint injuries

  •  Muscle pain or spasms

During an exam, the joints are carefully palpated. When a restricted joint is found, it is corrected by an adjustment. The adjustment is a very specific, high velocity, low amplitude thrust into the joint. After the adjustment, the joint is palpated again to be certain that it is moving more freely. Adjustments often look like quick little pushes. Most animals enjoy being adjusted and will appear to become relaxed.

Following a chiropractic adjustment, most animals experience an immediate improvement in their mobility and pain. Some animals may become very playful immediately afterward, while some animals appear quiet, even tired. In rare cases, some animals will appear sore after an adjustment. The soreness is usually short lived, and they appear more comfortable within 24 hours.

The period after a chiropractic adjustment is just as important as the adjustment. This is when the nervous system "wakes up" and begins to improve function. Overall improvement from an adjustment can be seen continuing up to 4-8 weeks, depending on the patient.

Integrative Veterinary Care currently offers spinal manipulation/chiropractic services for our equine and large animal patients. This modality can be used alone, or in conjunction with acupuncture, therapeutic massage, laser therapy or PEMF therapy to provide optimal benefits.

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